Derp's art

im selling this at otakon i dont even care

First year

I finally got my new tablet and i’m just not feeling anything im drawing.

naruko is REALLY HARD TO DRAW have some first years

Hi there! I just wanted to say that animinni was super fun and I was so excited to get that ace attorney print from you! Your art was and is amazing. (I was walking around with the wocky cosplayer) -Haley

I’m really glad you loved that ace attorney print!! so many people didn’t know what it was from but those that did got so excited and it made me so happy heehee

WOW. WOW. GREAT TABLE. Thanks for the two free comics and the free button and the free conversations and company. I really enjoyed your table and this will be the last time I bother you I promise thank you bYE

Thank you for stopping by!!!!! I loved everyone who came by multiple times! THIS CON WAS SO GOOD I LOVE EVERYONE!!!

Heyy! I bought a bunch of buttons from you! They are awesome!! Thanks so much!

NO, THANK YOU!!! you and everyone who came by my table, even just to talk made this one of my best conventions ever!!!! <3 <3 <3

you guys are all awesome! I can’t wait to con again in minnesota if I meet a bunch as cool as you!!